Yul Edochie Advises Younger Generations – “It Took Me 16 Years Of Hustle To Make It Here”

Yul Edochie Actor and 2023 presidential aspirant, has recently given his own side of ‘how it all started’ as he advises his young fans and followers who are chasing after success by all means.

As the fraud and crime rate is constantly on the rise by youths of the country, the 2023 presidential aspirant took the opportunity to give a piece of advice to youngsters who are lurking at every means possible to attain wealth.

Taking to his Instagram page, Yul gave his advice, using himself as a referencing point, revealing how 16 years went by before he could attain his present status in society.

Yul also pointed out some people might even take longer to have a breakthrough in the country.

Driving home his point, he urges his fans to take it easy on themselves as success takes time to be achieved.

In his words;

“Take it easy on yourself.

Success takes time.

Many successful people today had no money years ago.

They only had a dream and the willpower to pursue it.

It took me 16 years of hustle to be here.

For some people, even longer. Keep pushing, you are doing well.”




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