Why does uneducated ladies get married before the educated ones – Man puzzled over uncle’s choice

Young man puzzled by his uncle’s choice of a wife questions the reason behind uneducated ladies getting more marriage chances than the educated ones.

According to the narration of the young man in question, his educated uncle went out his way to marry a woman less educated than himself.

Despite the family’s grumble at first, the marriage turned out more fantastic than ever imagined which left the curious brother wondering the reason for higher marriage chances for uneducated ladies than their counterparts.

“My uncle, who is well learned and financially bouyant got married to a lady who barely finished secondary school. At first, our family members felt indignited toward this, but when they saw he was insistence on getting married to her, they let them be. They’ve been married for ten years now and we do visit them.. One thing I observe about them is; they are happy and also play like small children.

Aside this, I’ve seen many well-educated men who decided to take less educated or non educated ladies as wife and has always yielded a happy Union. I do say this; is there something about learned men going for less educated ladies.
As for me, I can marry an illiterate. You must be educated as I am..,” he wrote.

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