Why are you guys so mean and wicked to yourselves?- Nigerian lady residing in Canada berates fellow Nigerians (video)

A Nigerian lady residing in Canada has accused her fellow Nigerians of not being their brother’s keeper.

In a video shared online, the lady claimed Nigerians living abroad, especially Canada, are so mean and wicked to themselves. She said they always wish their fellow Nigerians encounter problems and are never willing to assist themselves.

”Nigerians why are you guys so mean and wicked to yourselves? Like why? You never assist people, you always want people to have problems, to go through problems. You are always happy when they have problems. Why? You see Indians and Phillipenes and the way they cooperate but Nigerians, wickedness is inside them…Why can’t you be your brother’s keeper?”

Watch a video of her speaking below…

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