“The average Nigerian family has at least one pedophile they are protecting” – Singer, Temmie Ovwasa says

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Temmie Ovwasa also known as YBNL Princess, has claimed that the average Nigerian family has one pedophile they have refused to expose.

Taking to Twitter, the lesbian singer said many people were sexually molested when they were kids and their abusers were almost always a family member so she’s spewing facts.

The 25-year-old artiste made this claim while reiterating her stance not to ever bring children into this world because she doesn’t want them to be traumatized or molested by people.

Read her full post below,

“The Average Nigerian Family has AT LEAST 1 pedophile they’re protecting or refusing to talk about.
Sometimes they are Your Fathers, Mothers, Uncles etc & sometimes YOU are the one doing the protecting,
Too many Nigerians have been molested as kids for this to be a lie!

You treat kids like they’re not people, disrespect their autonomy, have no laws protecting them from abuse/labor, and in the same breath open your dirty mouths to tell women that don’t want kids that they’re wrong.

I’m doing what’s best for my kids by refusing to birth them!

I should birth kids so that you people can traumatize them, So that I can raise them in love & send them to school to be beaten by teachers, leave them with relatives for them to be raped,
I’m glad I’m a lesbian & don’t have to worry about them accidentally coming! God forbid!!!”



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