Tech expert narrates how sister who once hawked pepper in Nigeria died of cancer six months into a new job in US

Dr. Adeola Olubmiji, a Canada-based Nigerian narrates the heart breaking experience of losing her sister to cancer after moving to the US.

According to Adeola via her Twitter page, @DrOlubamiji, she and her sister once hawked pepper in Nigeria before she won a visa lottery to the US where she enrolled back in school.

The sorrowful news of her cancer came after she got herself a first car six months into her new job.

Read her narration below …

“On December 16th, 8 years ago, my only sister died from cervical cancer caused by HPV.

This one woman hawked pepper, got a degree in biochemistry, won visa lottery and finally moved to the US. Started school again, finally got a job and bought her first nice car.

Then, cancer came knocking 6 months into that job!

She was health and her life was just beginning. A typical Nigerian, believed in God, drank a lot of water and didn’t have a reason to go to the hospital because she was “healthy”.
We found out when her cancer was already in stage 3 and has metastasized.

I watched my sister depreciated from this beauty into a skeleton while still believing and encouraging me to work on my PhD. I sang for her most nights when pains won’t let her sleep.
I told her tales about how we used to hawk pepper together and how I stole her clothes by just wearing them once. It was devastating to have to hear her one morning telling me to book her ticket to Nigeria, that she would prefer to die in her mother’s hands.
Want to know how that messed my mummy up? You think she will ever get over not being able to help her dying daughter in pain?

Africans, you don’t need to be sick before you go to the hospital! Use your health insurance now! Use your dental plan that you are paying for now!
Write your will now! Get that life insurance now! And above all, plan your legacy and live like today is your last. Your mother doesn’t want to bury her daughter, that I am sure of. Why don’t you then go for that check up?
Nope, I am not grieving, I am making her proud sharing this. She doesn’t want you to die. I am making her proud every day of my life. Omoludofin ororo ibile, omo ojeboyede. My one and only pain-in-the-butt and the smartest of them all. Our dreamer and the glue of our home.
Today again, we remember you and I hope you are resting a bit. I know you have been supporting me and I have no doubt that you are smiling down while protecting me like you always do ❤️
Again, no RIP, just promise me here that you will write your will, get life insurance, use your health benefits and live. Promise me below 👇🏾”



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