Rosy Meurer dragged over her IG contents – “Aside food, there’s nothing else in your brain” (Video)

Rosy Meurer Popular Nollywood actress, takes heavy blow on social as trolls drag her for always posting food related contents.

The screen diva had taken to Instagram to share a video of herself eating a Gambian delicacy that she claims to be very sumptuous.

“Eating the Gambian style with hand in one tray! Eating caldo Gambia. 🇬🇲 If you know you know. (In Gambian accent) 🤣😂🤣😂,” Rosy Meurer wrote while sharing a video of herself enjoying the meal.

In reaction, trolls slammed her for sharing too much contents having to do with food.

“Na food you come life come chop? nothing else dey that your brain, them suppose give you food and live stock ambassador because only you don nearly finish the whole, food, meat and chicken in this UAR,” a troll wrote.

video below

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