Relationship at the brink of collapse as man splits responsibilities between himself and spouse

Young man laments the sudden tilt in their relationship after exercising future plans on individual expenses between himself and his wife-to-be.

According to the man who claims to earn N300K monthly while his woman earns N80K, he suggested that certain amount needs to go into a joint savings while the rest is spent on daily needs.

Read his narration below …

“My girlfriend whom I have planned to settle down with simply started acting cold and eventually stylishly slide out of our relationship because I sat her down and made a family financial support proposal to her in which she will be financially committed to running the proposed family we intend to raise…

These are the proposal…

1. She earns about 80k wile I earn about 300k.. I asked that we jointly contribute for all the children’s Career funding starting from when we get married even before any of their birth.. I proposed 10k monthly from her and 40k from me to a trust account. From it we plan to fund all the children’s Career from kiddagatten to varsity or which ever path they choose..

2. That sh choose between Nepa bill or DStv or gotv sub monthly..just one for her 3. I will be responsible for rents 4. We pay into another joint account for vacation once in two she puts in 20k I put in 50k monthly..

5. I provide all the heavy food stuffs required in the house in large quantities including gas ND change of electronics, but she provide all the daily food supplements to mk mine complete.

6. She buys her clothes ND I buy mine but we can both surprise ourselfs with gift to the other..

7. I will buy the family car ND maintain it. If she buys no P.

8. I didn’t rule out surprise gifts once a while and outting which I bankroll ND expect her to do same occasionally..

Plz oo are these responsibilities to a wife too much for her, I mean one who works and earn over 50k…?”


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