Nathaniel Bassey Gospel singer, shares loved up photos with his wife, Sarah

Nathaniel Bassey Nigerian gospel singer, caused stirs on social media after he shared some loved up photos with his wife, Sarah. He went further to say that he feel food and blessed to have her in his life.

Sharing the photos on his Instagram page, he attached the caption:

“Okay… let me just share this.. Normally I won’t.
After the Hallelujah Challenge, Fasting, Recording etc, I had to escape with my girlfriend, wife and Honeywell @saranata00 – not every time Hallelujah Challenge, fasting etc.
And I feel so good and blessed. Please don’t envy us or her o.

If you know the price this lady pays for what I do, you won’t marry me. I promised her some good time and trips. And by God’s grace will do many of this. So Men and brethren, let me not lie, we are enjoying ourselves. So if you call me and I don’t pick, the Lord is your strength…

But Please oooo, before you think it’s aaaalways like this and begin to compare your marriage with ours and then beat yourself, there are days we argue ooo… but we don’t post those on social media o. But point is with every passing day, we learn to grow and grow in love. So be encouraged.”

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