Naira Marley Admonises Nigerians – “If You Want To Help People, Just Help And Pray That God Rewards You”

Popular Nigerian musician, Naira Marley has taken to his Twitter account to offer words of advice to Nigerians as regards generosity.

the “Soapy” crooner, he advised people who want or love to be generous to continue in the act and pray that God rewards them. Naira Marley by this meant that people should help others without thinking about what they stand to gain from the people they helped.

He further asserted that people will always forget the good things you did, immediately you do a single bad deed. Therefore, he advised people to exhibit good deeds without considering worldly benefits.

In his words: ”If u wanna help people, just help and pray that God rewards you. The same people u helped will forget because street no get memory. 99 Good + 1 bad = 100bad”.

tweet he made:

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