Moment a suicidal man was rescued from jumping off a bridge in Lagos (video)

A yet-to-be identified man has been rescued from jumping off a bridge in an apparent suicide attempt in Lagos.

A viral video making rounds online captures the moment passersby employed tactical efforts to save the middle-aged men who was trying to end his own life.

In the trending clip, the man could be seen sitting on a bridge with the intention to jump down and end it all, but people underneath the bridge swung into a rescue mission to save him.

They started throwing stones at the man to distract him from jumping off the bridge before a man clung to him and pulled him off the concrete, forcing him to abort his suicide mission.

In other news, a 34-year-old Ugandan lawyer and human rights activist, Francesca Amony, has turned herself in to the police for the alleged murder of her husband, Dr. Joseph Etuk.

The suspect, a senior member of the Democratic Party (DP) and a former National Secretary for the DP Women’s League, presented herself to the Lacor police post in Bardege-Layibi division, Gulu city, after she allegedly stabbed her husband, a medical doctor, to death.

The couple reportedly had a heated argument at their home in Keyi ‘’A’’ Cell in Kabedpong Ward, Gulu City on Friday, October 28, at around 11 p.m.

Amony allegedly picked up a knife and stabbed her husband, who died on the way to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital. After the incident, she reported herself to the police for alleged murder.

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