Man shares chat with an old classmate who turned down his advances years ago and now wants to marry him

A Nigerian man has shared his conversation with an old classmate who rejected his advances while they were in school and now wants to marry him.

In the chat shared online by Twitter influencer @jon_d_doe, the lady, identified simply as Sharon, sent a message to the man, Obi, with the intention of reconnecting with him/

Obi was surprised to receive a message from her and asked how she got his phone number to which she said she got it from their class group chat.

Without mincing words, she went straight to the point and listed out some of the achievements of the young man who has now relocated abroad.

She pointed out that Obi is now living abroad, built a house for his mother and build a house for himself as well.

Sharon, who was clearly impressed by his accomplishments, asked him to marry her since he’s also still single.

Obi laughed over her statement and jokingly said she’s not alright. But Sharon didn’t back down and reminded him that he asked her out when they were in school.

In response, Obi lambasted her for having the effrontery to contact him now that he’s successful after she ignored him years ago and was dating older, rich men.

After giving her a piece of his mind, Obi blocked her on WhatsApp and warned her to stay away from him.

Read the chat below,


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