Man narrates his sad experience with girlfriend who deceived him and married another man

Nigerian man has shared his experience with girlfriend who deceived him while planning her wedding with another man.

Sharing his sad experience, he wrote;

“Flash back to Dec 11, 2015, Ijeoma left my apartment in Lagos to her village for her cousins trad. I never knew she was the one getting married on Dec 19 to a LG council chairman in Ebonyi state. We already agreed to get married the next year but I was deceived. It still hurts.

To even imagine that I gave her all I had to travel and I remained in Lagos because I couldn’t afford to go for Christmas. Imagine the stress helping her go around markets to buy things for her “Cousin” that is getting married not knowing its for her.

She changed her number immediately she got to Abakaliki and avoided me all through. When I somehow got info of what happened after the Christmas holiday, mumu me went to Ebonyi to look for my lost love and almost lost my Job. 😭😭 Had to return back to Lagos devastated.

I still remember that 4am S*x on Dec 11, 2015. Never knew I was receiving a parting gift.”

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