Man jumps into water tank to cry after his girlfriend dumped him (Video)

Ghanaian man has been spotted in a water tank crying to mend his broken heart after his girlfriend dumped him for someone else.

The young man identified as “Exodus” who was in a relationship with his girlfriend, Hannah, got dumped by her.

In a bid to cry his heart out, he deliberately entered the tank filled with water to cry his mind out.

Concern residents after finding his slippers lying in front of the tank with no sign of him in view checked inside the tank. He was discovered sleeping inside.

Fortunately, the tank contains barely enough water, which allowed the broken-hearted young man space to breathe.

In the video, Exodus is being queried by his friend for taking such drastic action. His friend was also heard threatening to make him go viral for this act.

Watch the video below:

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