Laycon – “Pray for trolls, attacking others is their only achievement and source of joy”

Laycon Fast-rising singer, subscribes to an easier way to deal with trolls who take pleasure in ridiculing other people’s hard work.

According to the BBNaija reality star, it is better to ignore trolls than to let them get the best of one’s heart; instead, prayer for a better life may be their solution.

Laycon further added that the only way online trolls find purpose is by attacking other people.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote;

“Okay so lemme tell you guys something about people who come online to devalue you or your hard work. I opine that they derive some form of pleasure or accomplishment from doing that. That’s the only logical reason. So what do you as a person do…?”

“You pray for them, you thank God for giving you purpose and for using you as a tool to satisfy some other people’s appetite. You appreciate the fact that your existence makes these people have some form of accomplishment even if it is misguided.”

“You don’t pay attention to them. You just keep doing you and keep motivating yourself. You’ll keep growing and your growth will keep fueling their negativity. But your prayers for them will hopefully help them find happiness in the joy of others. Me I don drop video, abeg stream.”

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