Lagos danfo driver seen using shower-head as gear stick

Lagos is a beautiful place and vibrant city with a lot of shocking events and one of them includes seeing a danfo driver using a showerhead as a gear stick to drive his bus.

It is also been known for its good life and benefits that come with it, so you must be ready.

However, there’s a common perception that everybody in Lagos must be “streetwise” or “moving mad” to be able to contain the effects of being a Lagosian.

Notwithstanding, a Twitter user shares her experience as she comes face to face with another effect of living in Lagos.

As seen, a Lagos danfo driver was seen using a showerhead as a gear stick to drive his bus. Even though they are passengers sitting in the bus to be conveyed to their destination. The passengers however are untroubled.

However, as the Twitter user shares a photo;

“There is nothing you cannot see in Lagos, especially inside danfo” – says as she expresses shock.

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