“I’m scared of having short kids” – Woman cries out after marrying abroad based husband

Embattled married woman cries out for advice on possible ways to avoid giving birth to short kids following marriage to abroad-based husband.

In the narration of the woman in question to a relationship adviser, she married recently and will be relocating abroad to meet her husband.

Her concern is the height of children that they’ll produce as both husband and wife are 5ft 4 inches in height.

Read the full narration below …

“Good evening ctee
I got married last month my husband isn’t staying in Nigeria he came back for our wedding and I will b going back with him in November, my fear rn is that my husband is 5:4ft in height same with me,please I’m scared of giving birth to short children is there anything I can take or give the kids to be at least 5:7ft tall?

We do talk on video calls and I’ve lots of his pictures I before he came back to Nigeria…he kept reassuring me that there are supplements I can give to kids to make them tall…please I’m abit worry, please hide my id.”


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