“He is just reducing his value” Reactions trail viral video of Ooni of Ife addressing his wives (Video)

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi has set tongues wagging over a video of him addressing his wives.

Kiss Naija reported that the Ife monarch had been a subject of mockery following his series of wedding.

The Ooni who is set to marry his seventh wife was seen in a viral video addressing his Queens.

In the video, the Ooni was seen sitting on a dinning table, with his Queens surrounding him.

The King probed them, as he questioned if he isn’t reserved and decent.

His Oloris concurred with him as they answered his questions in affirmative.

The video has since gone viral and has become a subject of discussion among netizens.

While others hailed him for being the King Solomon of this generation, others took swipe at him for being a disgrace to the monarchy.

Reactions as Ooni addresses his wives
One Chigozie Ehim wrote, “He needs therapy for sure. He is yet to recover from his last divorce. I admire him and I will be praying for him

One Chef Dordor wrote, “A whole Ooni of Ife!!! When I was growing up, this office was seen like a mini heaven!! Is that where an Olori is shouting “yes ooooo” aiye ti baje ooooo

One Ceemiee wrote, “Royal home has now turned play boy mansion. It is well our decent and good king. “HORNY OF IFE”

One Koko Afrique wrote, “Cruise!!! See PHD holders and Nigerians leading women. God abeg o

One Mavishd1 wrote, “This man is just reducing his value as a king

One Beats by Jay wrote, “Imagine!!! When no be conference meeting

One Julez Pearl wrote, “Welcome to Horny of Ife primary school

One Dollarside1 wrote, “See queens with high grades and phonetic abilities dey shout you are decent

One Phily wrote, “Omor King Solomon no do like this ooo”.

Ooni speaks on marrying several women
The Ooni had disclosed why he had been marrying several women for weeks now.

It all started when the Ooni of Ife welcomed an Ebira-born queen, Mariam Anako to his Ile Ife palace in September 2022—nine months after Prophetess Seyi Naomi announced on Instagram her decision to divorce him. After welcoming Mariam, he had since gone to marry six other women in a space of three weeks.

The monarch wedded Mariam Anako and Dr. Elizabeth Akinmuda in September.

In October, he married Queen Tobi Phillips, Queen Ashley, and Queen Ronke Ademiluyi.

Princess Temitope Adesegun is his sixth wife and he is set to marry a seventh wife.

The Ooni while marking his 48th birthday and seventh coronation anniversary, had clarified why he married Mariam Anako and the others.

The Ooni explained that he tried making some changes but he couldn’t. Maybe referring to his decision to keep to only one queen and have concubines, the monarch said of the traditional heritage of Ile Ife, “This institution is bigger than me, beyond me. People in this palace are more than 800, they are close to a thousand.

There are some people who have been living in this palace for more than 60 years, while some have lived here for more than 80 years old. Some people are over 100 years old in this palace.

If I had my way, I tried to challenge it but it blew in my face but thank God I’m still alive. It’s an institution that is rich in heritage, culture, and tradition.”

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