Halima Abubakar fumes after being referred to as ‘useless sacrifice’

Ailing Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, rain curses on a troll that referred to her as Apostle Suleman‘s used sacrifice.

It would be recalled that the actress bashed the clergyman a few times on the internet after opening up about being lied to while she had an affair with Apostle Suleman.

In a recent outburst on Instagram, Halima was triggered by a troll who took to her comment section to insult her state of health.

“Apostle Sule don free you. Continue the do married men,” the troll wrote.

He added, “am better a bastard than a use less sacrifice.”

Halima Abubakar in reaction slammed the troll for coming at her with an insensitive opinion while raining curses on him.

“How can a sane man drop this type of comment on this page is beyond me. The us of word is inhumane. U shall carry this curse on u for life. No prayer can’t break it or juju,” she replied

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