Davido’s cook and nanny may face charges for negligence

Singer, Davido‘s Nanny, and Cook who were detained in Police custody may remain in police custody until they are cleared by an autopsy report.

On Wednesday, 2nd of November, it was reported that Ifeanyi’s nanny and the cook were directly in charge of Ifeanyi’s welfare, but failed to uphold their duties.

He said:

“If we need to detain them for longer than necessary, we will obtain a court order so as to ensure that we are not doing over detention or illegal detention.

I can’t give much details about an ongoing investigation, but those two people detained are assisting us in our investigation. Those that were released have little or no bearing to the case but the two people detained are assisting us.

“Eight people were brought in for questioning, six people were allowed to go, the remaining two were the ones that have been placed under arrest and that makes them suspect.”

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