Cubana ChiefPriest – “One Thing Na To Sabi Make Money Another Thing Na To Sabi Chop Money”

Pascal Okechukwu Celebrity Barman, known as Cubana Chiefpriest has advised people to learn how to spend their money, when they eventually make the money.

using his verified Instagram account, he asserted that making money and spending money are two different things. He claimed that a whole lot of people have money but do not know how to spend it.

Therefore he urged people to spend the money they worked hard for as nobody knows what the future holds.

his words:

“One Thing Na To Sabi Make Money Another Thing Na To Sabi Chop Money, Do Your Best To Know Both That’s The Only Way You Can Be Able To Enjoy Money. Honestly Money Dey Waste For Some People Hand. As You Dey Learn How To Make Money Still Learn How To Chop Money. Life No Get Warranty, Life No Be Samsung. Nobody Knows Tomorrow If You Get Money Pls Try Chop Your Money. Person Dey Die Leave Money, The One Wey You Chop Should Be Major !!!! Na That One You Go Carry Go“

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