Bobrisky brags as he speaks on fear of getting new P.A (Video)

Bobrisky Popular lifestyle influencer, brags about the worthless value of the sum of N10M while emphasizing the fear of getting a P.A who could run his errands.

The crossdresser showed off the wad of cash which he claims to have been a gift from his boyfriend, even though the cash seems useless to him.

“This 10 million with me is actually useless honestly. If it’s important, I would have taken it to the bank today or spend it,” he wrote.

Bobrisky further noted that if he had a personal assistant, the cash would’ve probably been taken to the bank on his behalf. However, the fear of having his secrets exposed is the reason he is holding back.

“Honestly I need a good Pa in my life but i’m too scared of someone selling out my info to bloggers,” he added.






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