As Laycon hits 1 million followers on Twitter – Icons mock Erica,

Icons, Laycon fans of BBnaija celebrity singer, has mocked fellow reality star Erica, as he hits 1M followers on Twitter while star-girl struggles with 500K.

In less than 9 months, the celebrity singer, Laycon becomes the first-ever BBnaija housemate to reach one-million-followers in less than 9 months.

However, his fans can’t contain their joy as they have taken to the mini-blog, Twitter to laugh and mock Star-girl as he celebrates his one-million-followers.

The BBnaija housemate celebrity duo had an altercation while they were in the House. Erica, star-girl described Laycon as ugly while calling him many unprintable names.

Icons claim that his massive one-million-followers were birthed out of sheer hard work and diligence. unlike, BBnaija Erica, star-girl who is chasing clout and negativity. And has not been able to reach one-million-followers.

Laycon’s fans said that “Erica and her fan base thought March would be theirs.. yet Nengi and Laycon be giving them pepper everywhere… stars don’t struggle to shine”.

his fans wrote:

“Learn from icons Face with tears of joysee us sitting on no 1 Relieved face. we don’t trend meaningless hashtagRelieved face we trend when it’s necessary and we do it’s always sitting at the right position”.

“Laycon is undoubtedly the most followed, loved, and talked about housemate of the LD season. And mans been on his lane and winning back to back. Now that’s an iCON!”

congratulatory tweets.

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